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Lara Lavine

An up and coming Irish luxury brand. Committed to quality, and creating unique, one of a kind pieces, individually designed garments and limited edition prints. Lara Lavine’s target market is designed for the affluent professional woman, who likes to dress herself and her home in sheer luxury, art, colour and originality.

Levine's designs are unique, with a cultural context, not only rich in culture, though made with integrity and passion, they are one off pieces, translated from a painting.

The high fashion Lavine creates is durable, flexible and functional to wear, made out of luxury silk, and a combination of interesting fabrics and materials, inspiring longevity, and sustainability. The scarves are designed in different colours and folds, so the scarf can be used for a variety purposes, (tops, headbands, belts, and one off garments) these are individually designed and made, not massed produced. One of a kind and limited edition.

Not only does Lara Lavine use hand drawn, traditional illustration techniques, and fine art painting, the designer also uses digital painting, as a medium of expression. This allows the artist to design highly creative, quirky art with innovative technology. This is then translated onto fabric. Producing scarves, garments, and homeware products.

Lara Lavine creates beautiful items that reflect sheer elegance, originality and pure luxury. The brand Lavine hopes to inspire a feeling of glamour, chic elegance, divine luxury, and style to the wearer, while providing them with the wearable art experience! People invest in art, and do pay millions for one of a kind piece of art, or a collectors item! Lavine’s designs are just that!

Wearable art, no one will ever have the exact same scarf or garment, just like an original masterpiece. No more fast massed produced items that everyone has. Buy well, waste less. Be kind to our Planet!

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Lara Lavine is a Northern Irish based artist/designer with a background in fine art lecturing, art and design education, painting, ceramics, sculpture, figure/life drawing, conceptual art, digital art, and photography. Previously and continuously a textile craftsman, seamstress, maker, and general creative. Lara Lavine is a freelancer, in costume/scenic painting, and is a background artist in the TV and Film Industry. Working for high profile shows such as Game of Thrones, Blood moon productions, and on the set for the centennial, for the Bord Gais Irish Theatre.

Lara Lavine has also worked on productions for RTE, and Lorcan Finnegan’s feature film Vivarium, which was well received at Cannes film festival 2019. The brand Lara Lavine was born from many years of the designer developing drawing, painting and illustration styles, along with an expressive and passionate way of creating, drawing inspiration from her Northern Irish background, culture, education and heritage. Along with her passion for love of film, travel, music, and literature, it has inspired many, if not all of the designer’s works of art. This has now been woven into her love of fashion, fabric, clothing design and luxury ladies wear accessories.The designs created for Lara Lavine are inspired by Ireland’s reputation and heritage of industry, reflecting Ireland’s legendary colourful sense of humour and solid work ethic. Remembering Ireland’s history of being the ship builders of the Titanic, and ship merchants to the world. The railways and steam trains of Ireland, play a key role in the brand’s identity and designs, which makes Lavine different from other brands. The brand was inspired by Ireland's railway heritage. Where art, heritage and fashion meet.

Lara Lavine is also largely influenced by some of the greatest artists of the 20th Century from all of Europe, and literary greats from all over the Island of Ireland, like Seamus Heaney, and W.B. Yeats, and of course C.S. Lewis.

All prints are created by the artist in her studio/ cottage by the beach, at the foot hills of the Mourne mountains in Co.Down, N.Ireland. After which the works of art are then made into fabric. Lara Lavine, collaborates with a range of makers worldwide, to express her vision for creativity. Namely artisans and makers from, Lake Como Italy, Europe, and the Far East.

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